Buildroot for AVR32 AP7 family microprocessors

Buildroot for AVR32


Buildroot is a set of scripts and menu system which builds an entire root file system for a given target. A target can be ATNGW100, ATNGW100 mkII or ATSTK1000 with the MCU module ATSTK1002 and ATSTK1006.

The scripts are based on a combination of Makefile and kconfig that is commonly used in many projects. Kconfig is used to give the user an easy configuration interface that is stored in a file. The Makefile system then reads out the values stored by kconfig and configures a set of rules in which different software is compiled.

Buildroot start by compiling the toolchain if requested, or it can use an external toolchain. It then moves over to the Linux® kernel, software libraries and applications. Finally it combines all the applications with the needed libraries and kernel to a file system image. This image is ready for the user to deploy on his target.